Google History Collections | Screenshots | 1996 to 2010


Support Do you love Google?I have taken some important screenshots of Google which is approx.13 to 15 years (~from 1996 to 2009 + some days/months/years). Everything is manual effort! Sometimes for me to find a url it took 7 days to 14 days! that's 2weeks!. Now you don't need to spend that time . URL also available in screenshot. You may feel , In the screenshots many of them has just two lines and footer. Ofcourse yes, but think like this, as a solo who planned to take famous search engine’s 25 years screenshot means understand how will be the situation. Maybe this is a beginning. Need to travel lot on this topic. Because of lot of years if I have missed something I cannot return to same place . I don’t want to miss anything. That’s why I took that screenshots also. Maybe I have took 0.1% (or) less than that of Google . Most of them thinking creating content is easy. They may be right in their views but that’s not the truth.So let’s make understand them . Play this challenge. If you don't like this please skip this challenge part.How easy it is!. First you should not view the url. Be honest to yourself because there is no one around you :). That's the important rule here. Many years before Google was mentioned in popular websites. You have to find that particular google mentioned page using wayback machine and have to take screenshot .And also Google product’s old webpages screenshot . I used google press releases which took many weeks to find for me. For example google mentioned in yahoo means for a topic, find that particular yahoo page and it must have the word google or google image .Important point is you have to discover that,take screenshot and organize within 20 seconds. Otherwise you have to give $100 for wayback machine.Why $100 ? Because some people telling content creation easy for them . Support Waybackmachine: . With your challenge They have to understand how much work is needed to find a webpage. If it is a easy work means then they will definitely finish it within 20 seconds. If you find it within 20 seconds then no need to give money for that screenshot. But if it crosses 20th second you have to give additional ( that $100+$15 for 1 second). And it counts…….. :)so first 20 second is your time to save your money. do this for year 1996 to 2009 & check how much money you saved. Somewhat converted my idea into video. Now it's time to support me. #oldisgold #google #googlehistory #larrypage #sergeybrin #susanwojcicki #youtube #gmail #googleanalytics #backrub #doubleclick #postini #historyofgoogle #googlesearch #scotthassan #pagerank #backlinks #webcrawler #terrywinograd #rajeevmotwani #HéctorGarcía-Molina #jeffullman #california #googleplex #adsense #blogger #pyralabs #android #googlechrome

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