2nd Giveaway: Win a Free Copy of OptinMonster – Lead Generation Tool

In the past, we have done several giveaways on softorwebapp and there’s been an overwhelming amount of requests from a lot of you to do more of them. Today, we’re proud to announce an amazing giveaway an awesome Saas Tool (supports Wordpress, almost all types of websites) , Optinmonster . This giveaway will allow 1 lucky user to win a Pro license of OptinMonster  – drag & drop form builder (value $564).


New Update:

Eligibility: Almost Worldwide .  Small Note:We know in some countries facing unprecedent times. 

Note:  Be Sure you have atleast one blog/website.

Round 1 End date: May 18th, 2022, UTC [It can be extended based on the users participation]

 Ended 1st Giveaway:

Winners will be selected on Friday, May 6th, 2022, UTC.

1  lucky user will win the Pro license of OptinMonster – the most user friendly lead capture tool.

The Pro license is worth $564 each and comes with:

Drag & drop form builder, Pre-made form templates, Timed-Display Control , Content Locking

, Device Targeting, Exit Intent Technology, Cart & Form Abandonment and all advanced integrations (MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Convert Kit, etc).

Ended 1st Giveaway:

Eligibility: Almost Worldwide .  Small Note:We know in some countries facing unprecedent times. 

End date: May 5th, 2022, UTC

How to Win?

To enter the giveaway,

In the below section you can participate with your email. Be sure you have a website/blog. More entries More chance to win.



Winners will be selected on Friday, May 6th, 2022, UTC. This new giveaway format will also allow you to try out OptinMonster to see why we believe it’s the best Lead generation tool.

We will notify the winners on via email.

Actually we want to give more some more license based on the reach of this giveaway.

Thank you for  the participants who are going to join this giveaway . Also ,
Thank you for  the participants who are entered . Let we wait & see who are the winners. We are also excited to know about the winners.
Thank you for following Softorwebapp. 

Why OptinMonster Needed?

First let we see what is marketing funnel in general?

  • A marketing funnel is a process which helps to turn website visitors into customers by teaching them about your product or service. In marketing funnel there are some stages. After some stages only you can find your target audience and after that you can make them your customers. 
  • And the stages in the marketing funnel are awareness, interest, desire, and action (AIDA) in general. 
  • The initial stage in marketing funnel start with a wide opening at the top and narrows down to one point at the bottom. At the top [wide part of funnel (i.e) Awarness] includes all diverse customers. Here advertisements , word of mouth and some other methods are used . And when this diverse customers traveling to next stage of funnel some of them leaves out and also filtered out by company sometimes. Like this in each and every stage the visitors are narrowed into smaller groups. It means the number of people will be low comparing to its previous stages. And finally company reaches their target audience.
Marketing Funnel

 Let we see them a little bit in detail.

  • After making awareness the next stage will be creating interest to the customers. It can be showing product features , who were already using their products. Companies in this stage uses influencers to create interest to the product. For example Nadal appearing in tennis bat and ball advertisements.   
  • The next stage is creating desires. Whenever there is a discount the people desires to look on the product more. 
  • The final stage is making people to take action buying the product. How to make the action more successful? Just add fuel to the desire. Announce this is only one time offer. Last chance to buy. Sometimes companies create FOMO  like scarcity . Offer for only first ten people. Using countdown timer and showing the offer for only two days.
Marketing Funnel Example
So far I have talked in general about marketing funnel . In the marketing funnel AIDA model differs from one company to another company . To be true most companies have unique models in marketing funnel. So we can’t say AIDA is the only right model or AIDA is wrong. Because the company aim is to making sales of the products. In this AIDA model itself we can see sales funnel concept is also mixed . It is hard to differentiate the marketing and sales funnel. We just need to have good understanding which model is used and have to start to work on that model. 
Ok, in top of funnel we saw the advertisements used. In that the customers need to be captured so that you can proceed to your next step in business. For that lot of tools are used to captures customer details. In that one of the tool is Lead Generation tools.  OptinMonster is one of the lead generation tool which helps to get customer details.


What are features available in OptinMonster Pro Plan?

Account Features:

  • Supported Sites -3
  • Pageviews - 25,000 / month
  • Supported Campaigns
  • Provider Integrations
  • Zapier Integration
  • Sub-Accounts - 2
  • Analytics & Reporting - Full
  • OptinMonster University
  • List Segmentation
  • Page Level Targeting
  • Integrated A/B Testing
  • Campaign Archives
  • Live Chat Support

Do you want, Custom Branding,Activity Logging,Client Logins Then You can buy OptinMonster Growth Plan.

Form Types

  • Lightbox Popups
    Floating Bars
    Inline Forms
    Sidebar Forms
    Slide-In Scroll Boxes
    Fullscreen Overlay
    Custom eCommerce Forms 

Do you want Coupon Wheel Campaigns ManyChat Integration form types ? Then You can buy OptinMonster Growth Plan.

Design & Effects

  • Beautiful Template Library                          
  • Drag & Drop Builder                       
  • Custom Fonts                                   
  • Custom CSS                       
  • Custom Success Messages                         
  • Success Redirects                           
  • MonsterEffects™                            
  • MonsterSounds™                           
  • Yes/No Multi-Step Forms                            
  • Countdown Timers                        
  • Remove OptinMonster Badge
SMART Controls 
  • Timed-Display Control
  • Scroll Triggering
  • Subscriber Recognition
  • InactivitySensor™
  • Content Locking
  • Attention Activation™
  • Device Targeting
  • MonsterLinks™ 2-Step Forms
  • Exit Intent® Technology
  • Cart & Form Abandonment
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Smart Tags™
  • UTM Campaign Targeting
  • Referral Detection
  • Cookie Retargeting
  • Lead Sharing 

Do you want the below Smart control Features?

  • OnSite Retargeting®
  • OnSite Follow-up Campaigns®
  • Geolocation Targeting  
  • Adblock Detection          
  • Success Scripts
  • Behavior Automation

Then You can buy OptinMonster Growth Plan.

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