How to Set Up WordPress Email Logs?

Hi friends in this article we are going to see How to Set Up WordPress Email Logs?
First Let we see about what is email logs in general?.In general email logs is a record of all email communications.

Next let we see about the some features/uses of email logs.The email log features differs from one provider to another .We are going to see in general.
1.Email log files provides information about message delivery, error messages
2.Helps to detect improper  email communication like messages bouncing due to inappropriate domains or out of date addresses
3.Sometimes there will be problem in email templates .This may be due to code error .These things can also be find out using email logs.
4.By Regular Monitoring email deliver-ability using email logs it will helps to increase the reputation of your domain and IP.
5.Email logs also helps to avoid your domain as a spam if it is used properly.
Ok let we come back to our topic How to Set Up WordPress Email Logs.We are going to use WP Mail SMTP Plugin for this.

About WP Mail SMTP:
WP Mail SMTP is a popular wordpress SMTP and PHP Mailer plugin.
Features of WP Mail SMTP:
1.White Glove Setup:
WP Mail SMTP experts with your permission helps to install and configure WP Mail SMTP for you.
2.Email Log:
Email sent from WordPress site will be tracked automatically. We are going to see this topic after the features.
3.Amazon SES
Amazon SES (a cloud-based email sending service designed to help digital marketers and application developers send marketing, notification, and transactional emails. It is a reliable, cost-effective service for businesses of all sizes that use email to keep in contact with their customers) can be integrated with WP Mail SMTP.
4.Gmail / G Suite:
Uses OAuth to authenticate your account, keeping your login info secure.
Mailgun account can be used to reliably send all WordPress emails.
6.Office 365
Office 365 account can be connected with Microsoft mailer of WP Mail SMTP.
 WP Mail SMTP's Microsoft mailer also supports other services, including as
SendGrid account can be used reliably to send WordPress emails.
 9.All Other SMTP Providers
Leverage web host or a third party SMTP server to send your emails.
Set Up WordPress Email Logs using WP Mail SMTP:
First you should have pro plan/ any paid plan of WP Mail SMTP
 Then in your wordpress you should install and activate WP Mail SMTP Pro.

Next in WP Mail SMTP goto Settings.After that click on the Email Log tab.

In the Email Log page, we can see the Enable Log. This Enable Log records every email sent out from your website moving forward.

With this Enable Log option, details for each WordPress email record will include:

Email Status (Lets you know if it was sent successfully)
Date and Time Sent
Subject Line
Recipient Email Address(es) (including CC and BCC)
From Email
Number of Attachments (In case you’ve set up your forms to accept multiple attachments)
Mailer Options Used
Additional Technical Details (such as content-type, MIME, etc.)
Check the box of keep a record of basic details for all emails from your site from Enable Log.
 Now it will display another option.Keep a record of all content for all emails from your site from Enable Log. Kindly not that this is a optional one.So it is your wish to select or not.
Make sure to carefully consider if you really need to enable the Log Email Content option. All email content will be stored as plain text (not encrypted) in your site’s database. You may have to learn more about WordPress security.

Finally click Save Settings.
Now goto Email Log of WP Mail SMTP Plugin.

 Each email's further details can be obtained by Clicking on the subject.In a new page that particular email details will be shown.

That's all friends.Thank you :)

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