How to install google analytics in wordpress 2019

Hi friends in this article we are going to see how to install google analytics in wordpress 2019

Goto google analytics website
Click Admin
Next click create account button
I am entering my website name into account name
Click next button
Here I want to share some points . We can see that we can choose web or app  property .Also we can choose Apps and web property. If you have any pro wordpress plugin for analytics purpose it is recommended to create a separate web property .And it is easy in google analytics because it allows to create 50 properties in an account.
Now i am choosing only the web property.
Fill the website details.
Click create button
Now tracking id was created for the web property and here copy the global site tag javascript code.

Watch the video to know all details

Now goto your wordpress dashboard .
I recommend to install anyone header and footer wordpress plugin which you feel satisifed.
I have also installed a header and footer wordpress plugin
Now we are going to see how to paste google analytics global site tag javascript code for my installed header and footer plugin
Go to settings. choose header and footer scripts.
In the header field paste the javascript code and finally click save settings.
In this header and footer plugin header field is also available for post and page. If you want to track particular post or page you can add the code  here.

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