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Remove green screen background in screencastomatic | New Feature Update 2018

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  • Hi friends in this article we are going to see screencastomatic new feature. The name of the feature is green screen filter.
  • First Open the screencastomatic software. Let we see add image from Tool –> Overlays –> Image.
  • Now I am adding an image which has green screen above the white background video. Set the image timing appearance according to your wish.
  • Next I am adding another image which is going to be new background instead of green screen.
  • Use layering option to place the new background below the green screen image.
  • Now click green screen image .
  • Choose Options (of Green screen image) which has Magic Wand Icon.
  • In the image options, Tick the remove color option .
  • Now choose Color Picker
  • And place the color picker on the green screen.
  • Now you can see the green screen was removed.
  • Similarly Green screen of video and webcam (needs some additional work) can also be removed using the same process.
  • Use the Tolerance Slider to get the perfect output.But the truth is if the green screen background is perfect, You will get the perfect output just with single click.
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