Waas–Windows as a service

  • Waas means Windows As A Service
  • Microsoft said, With Windows 10 we want to deliver windows as a service.
  • And so Building,Deploying,Servicing in windows will be new.

Why Waas (Windows as a service ) was started?

  • Helps to get New Features Fast
  • Simplifying Process to stay current with windows.
  • Building Model which aligns/applies with Office 365 Pro Plus and Windows Server.

WAAS update types in windows10

  • Feature Updates which comes twice per year.
  • Quality Updates which comes once per month.

WAAS update advantages in windows 10

  • In Feature Updates :
1.Reduces app compatibilty problems
2.Reduces download size by 35% using Express Feature Update/Express Download
3.Express Feature Update will download only changed file.
4.Peer to Peer services can be used to reduce network problem.
  • In Quality Update:
1.Cumulative Approach is used here.
2.Cumulative Approach avoids fragmentation in Package Updates & reduces download size.
3.Bugs Fix & Reliability
4.More Security

WAAS update development and release

1.It’s a iterative process.
2.Itertiave Process is repeating again & again & improving every time.
3.In general IT has 3 phase to update development & release
3.2 Piloting
3.3 Broad Production Deployment
4.WAAS Evaluation Phase
4.1 First Starts with 1000’s of microsoft engineers
4.2 Next, Periodic Release to 10,000’s of microsoft employees
4.3 Next,After satisfication ,Releasing to Millions of Windows Inside Users
4.4 Repeat Process for 6 Months
4.5 At End, Semi Annual Feature Update will be released.
Some other informations about Waas:
  • Express Update also support System Management Tool .Example: System Centre Configuration Manager.
  • At Windows Analytics “Update Compliance” added to ensure Windows10 update.
  • Windows Server will not update automatically. Those who are using Windows Server have choice to update (or) they can just proceed what they are using.
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