How to see who likes your facebook page 2018

  • Hi friends,this article is about how to see who likes your facebook page.
how to see who likes your facebook page 2018
  • Facebook make changes in their site design in regular intervals.
  • At the same time these design changes makes it difficult to some users.
  • And one of the option to see who liked our facebook page was also changed.
How can we see facebook page like in old site design?
There will be a sidebar which shows counting of facebook likes , like below.

  • Immediately it will display a popup and it will show the likes who are all given for this facebook page.
  • This is the method which is used to see who gave likes to facebook page previously.
What will happen if you do this method at present?
  • It is taking you to Page insights.And it is showing the graph for likes.

How can we see facebook page like in new site design?
  • Go to your facebook page and click Settings.
  • Next click People and Other Pages.
  • Next you can see the  People who liked this Page.
  • That’s all friends.


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