save blender animation work as mP4 video

  • Hi friends, in this post we are going to see how to save the blender animation work as mp4 video format.
  • The blender version used here is 2.7b

save -blender-animation-work-to-mp4-video-format

  • First in blender i have created simple animations and saved in avi formats.
  • At that time i don’t know blender have the option to save in mp4 video format.
  • Because this option was not directly placed as AVI.
  • But AVI saves the blender animation works in huge size.
  • After that i found where the mp4 format was placed.
  • And the saved size looks very less size!.
  • First go to Render tab.
  • Click output option.
  • Next click the dropdown menu.
  • From the dropdown choose FFmpeg video.
  • Now you will get a new tab just below output option called Encoding.

  • Click Presets which is a dropdown menu.
  • Then choose h264 in mp4.
Note: If you still can’t find MP4. First choose codec to H.264 at encoding tab.Definitely you will get the MP4 format in the dropdown this time.
That’s all friends.
You can alos check the video tutorial below,


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