Picmonkey – Photo editing web app

  • Picmonkey is an online image/photo editor .
  • You just need a browser(flash must be enabled) with internet . Check system and browser requirements here.
  • Picmonkey also available as app for ios and android phones.
  • Make a copy/backup of image before going to editor. Backup the photo is a good habit.

Pricing plans of Picmonkey


  • You can go for Premium 7-day free trial option and after that you can decide to buy or not.
Basic Edits in Picmonkey:
2. Canvas colour
3. Rotate
4. Exposure
5. Colours
6. Sharpen
7. Resize

1.It is a cut tool which keeps the selected area and removes the other areas.
2.It has lot of premade sizes and they are ,
  • iPhone 6 - 750 x 1334
  • iPhone 6 Plus - 1242 x 2208
  • 720p HDTV - 1280 x 720
  • 1080p HDTV - 1920 x 1080
  • 4K UHDTV - 3840 x 2160
  • Square size
  • Facebook cover photo
  • Pinterest pin and more..
Canvas color:
  • Design tool has lot of canvas options and it can be coloured using this option.
  • One of the good option here is making transparent image and it can be done with a simple click.
  • If you have an image already in the editor and you are using this option will lead to white canvas photo / white blank photo.
1. It has basic option like rotating image in
  • clockwise
  • anticlockwise
  • flip vertical
  • fliphorizontal
2.Straighten Slider is available so you make an improperly turned photo into straight one.
1.If you think you want to adjust the brightness, darkness,this option will be helpful to you.
2.Here it has,
  • Brightness
  • Highlight
  • Shadows
  • Contrast
  • Auto Adjust
1.Neutral Picker:
1.1.Sometimes due to flash cameras the image we get will be unnatural colour cast.  Neutral  picker  helps to solve this issue.
1.2. When you choose this option,  an  eyedropper tool will appear instead of  cursor. Just  place the  eyedropper tool in the unnatural colour area of the image. It will automatically remove the  unnatural colour.

neutral pickerNote:By Ellen_DeGeneres-2009.jpg: Tulane Public Relationsderivative work: PawełMM (Ellen_DeGeneres-2009.jpg) [CC BY 2.0(https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons2.Saturation Slider – It helps to boost  all colours at the same time in an image.
3.Temperature Slider – It helps to give blue colour tone or red colour stone to the entire image
3.1 When you pull the slider to the left, it will give blue colour tone.
3.2When you pull the slider to the right, it will give red colour tone.
4.Auto adjust option is also available.
Some images look blur so we can't get the clear visual.
1.Sharpen Slider helps to give clear visual to the blurred image.
2. Clarity Slider is similar to saturation but it will change only mid level colour tones.
1.The option is similar to MS Paint.
2.We can change size of the image in terms of pixels (or) percentage
3.Proportion option is available.You can enable it by just with a tick.

Effects in Picmonkey

1.Tried and True
3.Black and White
4.Camera Look


Tried and True:
1.a Orton
  • Orton looks like a combination of watercolour , ink and pen applied in an image.
1.2.Cross Process












2.1 Boost
2.2 Soften
2.3 Dark Edges
2.4 Frost

3.Black and White
3.1 Super B&W
3.2 Tri -X
3.3 Infrared
3.4 Holga
3.5 Silver screen
3.6 Daguerrotype
3.7 Sephia

4.Camera Look:
4.2.Polaroid film
4.3.Time machine
4.4.Yester colour
4.9.Film Stock

5.Paint Box
5.1. Ombre
5.2. Tint
5.3. Warhol

6.1.Bokeh Shapes
6.2 Radiance
6.3 Lens flare
6.4 Sunglow
6.5 Spotlight

7.1 Focal Soften
7.2 Focal B&W
7.3 Focal Pixelate
7.4 Focal Zoom
7.5 Fancy Focus

8.1 Mirror
8.2 Draw
8.3 Film Grain
8.4 Posterize
8.5 Edge Sketch

9.1 Curves
9.2 Levels
9.3 Dodge
9.4 Burn
9.5 Clone

TouchUp Tool Picmonkey

Skin Touchup Tool
Blemish Fix -Skin Touchup Tool –Picmonkey:


1.In general the meaning of blemish is a small mark or flaw.
2. Blemish Fix is one of the skin touch up tool in picmonkey .
3.Blemish Fix helps to remove unwanted marks or pimples an image.
4.You can remove the marks in the image, just by choosing the tool.Next place the tool above the unwanted mark and click the left mouse button. Be sure you are right size of a brush.

Airbrush Skin Touchup Tool:


Picmonkey helps to give smooth skin in an image using "fade method" to replace rougher skin areas.
It has 2 modes.
1.Natural Mode - When using this mode , you will not feel much change/editing in the image look.
2.Strong Mode -While using Strong Mode be sure it's not spoiling natural look. Apply it gentle at only required places only.
3.We can toggle to any mode on our own.
4.Sometimes , you can see rough skins even after applying airbrush.Thay are actually winkles. And it can removed by wrinkle remover tool.

Wrinkle Remover -Skin Touchup Tool:


1.Wrinkle Remover helps to remove wrinkles in an image.This tool makes younger look in an image by hiding wrinkles.
2.Wrinkle Remover has fade option.

Shine reduce -Skin Touchup Tool:

shine-reduce - tool-picmonkey

1.In some areas of image, there will be Shine due to flash which is similar to red eyes. .
2.Shine Reduce helps to reduce this problem.Brush tool will be helpful for this.

Blush boost -Skin Touchup Tool:


1.Blush boost tool helpsto show shyness or shame expressions by showing red, pink or pale colour in the face of an image.
2.It has two tabs with premade colour skin tones.
3.And another one extra tab available to pick a colour on our own.
4.Fade option is available.

Spray Tan - Skin Touchup Tool:


1. In general "Tan" means "yellowish brown colour" or "golden brown colour".Some people have pale colour skin. And it will turn to brown due to Sun heat. So for images SprayTan Tool was created by picmonkey.
2.In Picmonkey , Spray Tan Tool helps to convert pale colour skin to brown colour skin in an image.
3. There are 5 different skin tones available in Spray Tan Tool.
4.The Intensity slider helps to give more brightness or stronger to skin colour tone.
5.Darken Slider helps to give more darkness to the image.

Mouth TouchUp Tool

Teeth Whiten - Mouth TouchUp Tool:


1.Teeth Whiten - Make white color teeth
2.Fade option is available.

Lip Tint - Mouth TouchUp Tool:


1.Helps to Change lip color.
2.It has three tabs with premade colour skin tones. Colour Picker Tab is also available.
3.It has 3 options
a.(i)- When the hardness set to low level, it will give edge in the image.
a.(ii)- When the hardness set to high level,it will stiff edge in the image.
b.Intensity - Intensity helps to give strong or bright effect to the colour.When set to low level the colour will return to the original image position.
c.Tone- Tone helps to give lightness or darkness effect in the selected area of an image.

Eye TouchUp Tool

Eye Brighten - Eye TouchUp Tool:


1. Picmonkey has Eye Brighten Tool which can give brightness to the eye.
2.Lighten Slider helps to increase the brightness level by increasing its level
3.Fade option is available.

Eye Tint - Eye TouchUp Tool:


1.Picmonkey Eye Tint Tool helps to change colour of the eyelens.
2.Tint tool has 4 premade colour tones for eyes and so you can make change to the eyes within some minutes.
3.Choose the fade slider wisely.

Mascara- Eye TouchUp Tool:


1.Mascara tool helps to give more darkness only to the eye hairs.
2.The Pros of this tool is it will not apply color to other regions, only applies colour to eye hairs.
3.Strength slider is available to give more / less darkness to the eye hairs.

Eyeliner- Eye TouchUp Tool:


1.Eyeliner is used to draw lines around the eyes to make it more noticeable.
2.Here it needs more patience to create a perfect output in the photo.
3.Strength slider is available to create more / less darkness around the eye.

Eyebrow pencil - Eye TouchUp Tool:


1.Eyebrow pencil helps to apply different colours in the eyebrows which is in a photo.
2.It has premade 5 colour tones for eyes
3..Fade slider option is available.

Eye Shadow Tool - Eye TouchUp Tool

1.Eye Shadow Tool helps to create different colours around the eye skin.
2. It has 3 premade tabs.
3.Each tab has premade 5 colour tones for eyes in the photo.
4.Fade slider option is available.

Red Eye Remover - Eye TouchUp Tool

red-eye-remover - tool-picmonkey

1.In some photos we can see red eyes due to flash camera. And it can be removed using this tool.
It has 2 options
1.Human - In a photo, this tool removes red colour in eyes.
2.Furball -In a photo, this tool removes greenish colour / yellowish colour in eyes. This option is more useful for animal photos.

Other TouchUp Tool in Picmonkey

Nip Tuck Tool in Picmonkey


1.Sometimes we want to make funny images like in cartoon expressions.For that we need to do expand (or) contract the photo. Nip Tuck will do this for you in a photo.
But it can also used to make some neat look for wrinkle face photos.
2.Nip Tuck Tool has 3 features. And each feature has 3 slider option.
2.1.Melt - Used to shift pixels upto some level.
2.2.Reduce- Used to contract selected area in a photo
2.3.Fill-Used to expand the selected area of an image in the form of soft rounded shape.

Weight Loss Tool in Picmonkey:

weight-loss-tool - picmonkey

1.Weight Loss helps to make a look to the person/objects has lost weight or gained weight in a photo.
2.Actually it is expanding / contracting the whole photo size but we can get the perfect result.
3.Looks like an simple tool but a basic essential tool.
4.Weight Slider is avaialble.
5.When you mover the weight slider to the right , it will give weight loss in a photo.
6.When you mover the weight slider to the left , it will give weight gained in a photo.
7.When you crop the image wisely, you can able to see the difference in weight.
Highlights Tool in Picmonkey:

highlights-tool - picmonkey

1.Highlights tool used to change the colour of the hair in photo.
2.Highlights tool has 4 premade color skin tones for hairs.
3.Colour picker tool is also available. With the help of this tool we can match the hair with the background colour. And further you can make the selected colour to be contrast or more darken.
4.Fade slider option is available.

Whisker Grow Tool in Picmonkey:


1.Whisker grow tool helps to create moustaches and beards in an image.
2.This tool has scraggliness slider which can create uneven hairs or less even hairs in the photo.
3.It also has the colour picker and eraser tool.
4.When you move the scraggliness slider to low level (or) left , it will give less even form beards.
5.When you move the scraggliness slider to high level (or) right, it will give full uneven form beards.
6.Whisker Grow Tool has five premade colour skin tones.

Clone Tool in Picmonkey:


Clone tool is the last tool in picmonkey touchup tool and also a fantastic tool.
Feature 1:
Summary: It will "Paste" the copied source region in any areas of image. Helpful to show selected region multiple times.
1.Make a simple click of required region.
2.Take /Move the cursor [But Don't drag it]
3.Paste in another area "by making simple click"
Summary:Nearby areas will be pasted in sequence.Helpful to remove unwanted areas/ objects.
1.Make a simple click of required region
2.Hold the cursor and "drag" the cursor wisely
3.Now it will paste the areas ,where the source is selecting.

Overlays in Picmonkey

  • Add stunning graphics with photos to express your thoughts more clear when sharing to social networks.
  • There is another option in picmonkey called “Themes” . You can find one slight difference because both performs most of the things same.
5.Summer Fun

Frames in Picmonkey

  • Add classic frames, polaroid frames to your photo which makes great look.

1.Simple edge
2.Drop shadow
3.Museum matte
4.Polaroid frame
5.Photo corners
6.Film edge
8.Craft scissors

Textures in Picmonkey

  • Give different surfaces in the photo using textures in picmonkey.
  • Appear like a god using burst effect.
  • Use the slider wisely, to get perfect output.
3.Light trails

Themes in Picmonkey

  • We have seen the touch up tool full to solve the small issues.
  • But sometimes this small issues can be used for funny activities and expressions.
  • And so you can do that with the help of overlay options.So just Drag and Drop.
  • Speech balloon , Red eyes , Beards, Super Hero masks and their shields whatever the objects just drag and drop.
  • We can flatten the image as per our wish.

They have given some categories.
2.Trick or treat
3.Comic heroes
4.Santa land
5.Winter land
7.Sweet hearts and more

Design and Templates in picmonkey

  • Create professional cover design for facebook page ( or ) for company logo (or) any design using templates in Picmonkey.
  • Best option we have is Canvas so we can create our concept from scratch.
  • They also have premade designs.
  • Custom dimension also available.
List of what we can use this option for the sites.
10.Email header

Collage Maker in Picmonkey

  • Collage maker helps to combine different photos with the help of layouts.


  • Layouts are made with customizable grids.
  • Size slider available to expand the photo.
  • Exposure slider is available to make less / more brightness to the photo.
  • Fill cell and and Fit to cell option helps to position the photo.
  • You can also add Picmonkey effects here.

I hope i gave some information about picmonkey.Hope it will be helful to you.
Also check the article as video:

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