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Web designing software list 2017

web designing software list3+ rich features of web designing software list
“ You can upload your entir website without backup ”
“Not much limitations in customization ”
“Webdesign software can be used offline ”
“Lot of pre-coded components , so one can spend less time in coding ”

Web designing software list – An introduction

We are still interested to write about web designing software list because you can find lot of prebuild html widgets and codes. Even a senior web designer and developer cannot work each time on coding and thus html editor needed which provides a blasting speed in creating websites. This html editor can be energized more when it come as a web design software.

Coffee cup [Free and Paid]

Coffee cup is an affordable software has started in the year 1996 with 10+ employees in a real coffee house. Their HTML Editor is one of the best and popular editor. You can also use the premium features for 3 to 4 weeks in html editor.
Coffee cup supports the operating system windows , mac

List of coffee cup products list:

Responsive Site Designer
Bootstrap Builder
Foundation Framer
Responsive Email Designer
The HTML Editor
Web Form Builder
RED Personal
Responsive Content Slider
Responsive Layout Maker Pro
Website Insight
Color Palette Manager
Website Access Manager
Menu Builder
Shopping Cart Creator Pro
Direct FTP
Animation Studio
Image Mapper
Shopping Cart Creator
Web Editor
Our Free Software
Pricing plans for coffee cup products:
Html editor – $69
Responsive Site Designer- $189
Bootstrap Builder (windows) – $79 for [1 quantity]
Color Palette Manager (Windows) –$19 for [1 quantity]
Foundation Framer –$99
Responsive Email Designer –$69 for personal
Responsive Content Slider –$69
Web form builder –$69
Sonar – $29
Website insight –$79
Places – $9
Lock box –$29
Is there any free trial available at coffee cup produts?
Answer:Yes .


We added Kompozer in web designing software list because it is 100% free stand alone tool. Kompozer download is fast because it’s size light weight. Even if you are a non-technical in webdesign you can use the kompozer.Kompozer works on windows, linux and mac operating system.However kindly check the site for detailed specifications because some kompozer  versions will not work in some linux versions.KompoZer is based on the layout engine Gecko which is powered by mozilla. One important thing i want to tell is you can create responsive template only if you have knowledge in html and css.It’s a small drawback but it doesn’t means bad…
Features of Kompozer:
1. We can easily create and manage css style sheets.
2. Toolbars can be customized.
3. Table resizing rulers are available.
4.At kompozer you can easily switch between WYSIWYG Editing Mode and HTML editing mode by using tabs.
5.Entire webpage can be checked automatically for spelling.
6.FTP site manager
7.A dash of style(s)
Kompozer Add-ons:
Coma (Contact Mail Addition)
DOM Inspector
Event Spy
gTrans (Google Translate Widget)
Dummy Latin text "Lorem Ipsum"
Lupa- A widget to insert the document's last update time
Manta -Helps to create tooltip
Mon April banner
Table Nette to cleanup a window
Salto- It will set Automatic Link To in the context menu.
Venkman is a javascript debugger
View Source Chart

WebEasy Professional

WebEasy Professional is rated as one of best selling and rated software.WebEasy Professional was created by Avanquest which was established in the year 1984.Avanquest is one of the leading web development and publication of software applications like  Personal Computersand utilities ,Smartphones, Tablets, Television,Social Networks and more. And it provides step by step guide so no HTMLknowledge is needed.
webeasy professional
NOTE: WebEasy Professional available only for PC.
Features of Webeasy Professional:
1.100+ collection of website template gallerywith fantastic cool designs .
2. Able to add google maps directly to your website.
3.Drag and drop options will help you to drag some objects directly into the layout.
Price of Webeasy Professional: $49.99
Is there any trial version available webeasy professional?
Old version webeasy professional  8 available at this link http://www.avanquest.com/International/trialDownload.html?id=18178

Mobirise – [Free!!!]

From the name itself you can easily understand it can create mobile friendly sites because it is drag and drop builder with responsive structure.Why mobirise is responsive? Because it is built with the bootstrap framework.

And mobirise is an offline app where you can basic to medium websites, portfolios and landing pages. You can host website to within your system,FTP,github,amazon s3 or any other service provider.Websites created with the free software can also be used for commercial purpose.
Specifications of mobirise software
Size of the software comes around 40MB.
Supporting operatign systems are windows , MAC and android.
Features of mobirise software:
Responsive menu bar is available.
Beautiful header and slider can be added which gives rich look to the website.
Multiple columns can be placed in a responsive manner .
Pre-built and social media buttons with customizable option.
Gorgeous pricing tables
Forms, googlemaps and responsive footers can be added.


Pinegrow is created by  Slovenia based human technology company and Ivona was co-founder of the company. The difference between other web designing software list you can also create a wordpress theme!!!.Pinegrow WP is an Web Editor with WordPress Theme Builder and an extended edition of Pinegrow Web Editor.Pinegrow WP has live php code preview.

Specifications of pinegrow software:
Size of the pinegrow software is around 50MB.
Pinegrow supports linux, windows and Mac operating systems.


Webflow is one of the web designing software list which have photoshop like interface but for website creation.Responsive design can be previewed and the layout can be arranged neatly for wide range of devices.In the upcoming versions , powerful web interactions and animations .



Bootstrap Studio was created by zine , a bulgaria based team. Bootstrapstudio – a desktop app similar to mobirise, because of using bootstrap framework. It has a option online library where you can get components which is not available in desktop app library. Why we added this app in web designing software list is we can create responsive sites.

Price of Bootstrapstudio:
One time payment with 2 different plans.
Standard – Actual price  is $50 –Recent Discounted rate –$25 .One year free upgrades of new features.If you want new updates in your desktop app, you will need to renew otherwise you can just use the old version.
Lifetime- Actual price  is $120 –Recent Discounted rate –$60.All new features will be added.
You can use a license key for 3 different computers.

Pingendo –Free bootstrap visual editor

Pingendo is another bootstarp based drag and drop web builder which works on linux, mac and PC.
Pingendo was created by group of developers based in Europe. With Pingendo, you can customize the default Bootstrap theme.Bootstrap is the most widely using development framework and so here we added pingendo web designing software list.

WebSite X5 –[Windows only]

WebSite X5 is windows based desktop app which comes various plans. It comes with drag-drop builder option and it has pre-build 500+ templates.Website X5 not limited to mobile friendly website but also for creating a blog and online stores etc…. . Website X5 has FeedReady app so user get information whenever you make a update in your website.
Pricing plans at website x5:
They come up with three products like start13 , evolution 13 , professional 13 .These 3 products have basic things  but you can create dynamic content only in professional 13.Database integration is also available. In starter 13 you have limitations in image and table advanced features  where you can get these at evolution 13 , professional 13 also the pages.
Start 13  - $12.99
Evolution 13 – $49.99
Professional 13 -  $129.00

Adobe Muse:

Adobe muse cc needs no introduction however check full details at http://www.adobe.com/products/muse.html

Kindly share other Web designing software list if you know…..
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    Now, ISPs no longer provide webpage space, FrontPage is gone, and I need to design a website that will allow me to upload PDF files for others to download. I’d also like to be able to grow the website so that I can start doing all that fun and exciting eCommerce stuff.

    So. After all that build-up, here’s my question: What is the best web design software to use (free is always niftiest) that can do all that FrontPage did and more?

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