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Storyboard maker helps to tell their stories with better written words and visual scenes.And it helps in education, business ,filmmaker and also for personal works. When technology developed, the storyboard maker also entered into digital world. Now online storyboard maker helps us to tell stories digital in an easier way.Let we see the online storyboard maker lists. All the given storyboard maker websites are not just only for kids and teachers. Individuals can also use.The main difference between individual and[kids,teacher] is the price.

StoryBoardThat –One of the best online storyboard maker

Storyboardthat was started in the year 2012.Actually it came as a desktop application and later it came as a webapplication in the same year. In 2015,the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) declared storyboardthat is the best website for digital storytelling.
Storyboardthat –Pricing plans
Only for Personal Pricing Plan
Free Monthly Quarterly
[Save 33%]
[Save 50%]
$0 $9.95 $19.95 $59.95
There is separate Pricing plans for education and business. So check it before you buy. 30 day money back guarantee available.
What are features available in storyboardthat free plan?
1.Able to create 2 storyboards per week
2.Able to create 3 and 6 cells
Free plan has lot of limited options.
1.Cannot be used for public or commercial use.
2.Downloaded file has watermark
Advantages of using storyboardthat personal pricing plans:
1.We can use Children’s Books, Blogs, Work Meetings in personal pricing plans.
2. You can export to powerpoint , download high resolution images with No watermark
What are the menus and tools available in storyboardthat interface?
1.Scenes help to create a background area which helps to know whether we are in school or in park
2. Characters have huge collections of person style in various positions including stickies and monsters!!!.
3.And they texttables ,web and technology icons, shapes and even you can upload your own image.
4.You can create different storyboard layout whether it’s a list ,timeline or like film format.
5.You can choose the cells like the msword insert table options and you can change the size of cell. You can move and copy cells.


Mystorybook is another best online storyboard maker where you can create and get your story as ebook for $5.00 . The interface at mystorybook interface is simple and clean.Needs signup to work on this editor.
Features and Tools of mystorybook :
Actually there are 4 main tools in mystorybook. They are,
1.In the item section you have huge collection of icons and illustrations like,
All Items
My Images
The most awesome thing in characters is you have only a male and female illustrations. But you can change the color and shape of skin , hair , eyes , nose , mouth, body , legs and feet.
2.The draw tool consists of various pencil types like pencil, small brush , big brush, circle dragger , square dragger with color options.
3. Text tool consists of different font styles, size , text color , background color.
4.Scene helps to design the background with options like indoor , landscape , water , forest , sky , buildings.
You can add page just with a click. Though page have no layout option , drag and drop option resolved this issue.
Every work in mystorybook will be saved automatically .You can keep the story private or you can share or you can get it as ebook for $5.
If you need a simple storyboard interface you should try mystorybook.


If you want to illustrate a story you should try storyjumper. It is similar to the above storyboardmaker .You must signup to use the editor
Goal of Storyjumper,
Our goal is to inspire anyone that's ever wanted to write an illustrated story to get started!
Price of storyjumper:
The editor is free but if you need it as ebook.It costs,
Up to 16 pages - $2.95
After 16 pages each additional page price- + $0.10/additional page.
They have one time free black & white print option of your work.But it comes with a watermark.
What are the menus in storyjumper?
1.Text – Storyjumper has beautiful background textbox
2.Props- It’s a huge collection of fun arts which you can use it to illustrate  a story.
3.Scenes- Background scene plays a vital role to tell a story. This tool was available here.
4.Photos- You can upload your own photos or search from its inbuilt collecctions.

With the finished story you can share it on social sites, you can embed it in your website or you can make it public.

Abcya story maker [Free and No need to Signup]

Abcya story maker was founded by alan after 2004. When alan was worked as a teacher he found 5 to 6 years age kids were not able to use the buttons right in the computer. And thus abcya birth started after alan’s dedicated work. It’s for kids but individuals can also it.Smile

Abcya is free story editor where you can save it as pdf for free! !! using print option.          No watermark !!!
The sidebar of the editor has ads but it’s not a irritating one.If you want ad-free option you can get it by paid subscription.
Pricing plans at abcya:
Family plan – $6.99/month [You can use upto 3 devices]
Classroom plan – $39.99/month [You can use upto 30 devices]
Menus in abcya story maker
It’s a free option and designed mainly for kids so it have less options
Paint options – It’s like a mspaint software
Text options – You can only type with a default one background and have no other options like font size , font family and font color.
You can add more pages which is a positive thing here.
Note: There is import which i not recommend.It is not saving in any format. You can view it only in google chrome browser.
Alternate solution: Instead of importing your work , you can print it and you can save it as pdf.

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